Tripartism: A triangle affair?


Mention Tripartism and people usually think of unions, employers and the Ministry of Manpower. But it is usually more than these usual suspects.

More than that, other ministries and agencies might come into play and form tripartite committees.



One example of such, is the Tripartite Cluster for Cleaners which consists of representatives from employers, service buyers and the National Environment Agency. The cluster introduced the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) in October 2012 which seeks to increase the salaries of cleaners through the enhancement of skills and improving productivity.


Similarly, for the PWM for the Security sector, the Security Tripartite Cluster which proposed recommendations on the wage model included members from the unions, service providers, service buyers and relevant government agencies such as the Singapore Police Force, Singapore Workforce Development Agency, the Ministry of Home Affairs and Manpower Ministry.

Various industries have their own tripartite committees or task forces such as the Aerospace and Aviation Sectoral Tripartite Committee for the aviation and aerospace industry.

The tripartite partners and committees have a common mission to address industry challenges and improve the lives of workers and improve overall productivity of companies to help sustain economic growth.




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