Why did FAA and Boeing send urgent warning about lithium ion batteries?

A new theory has emerged in the ongoing investigation of the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight 370.

Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued an urgent warning to stop passenger planes from carrying ion lithium batteries as cargo on their flights. It’s believed that these batteries could have had a bigger impact on flight 370 then the original conspiracy theories that were being thrown around.


The Boeing warning was issued as a Multi Operator Message, normally issued to inform airlines of a newly detected safety problem experienced by an airline during operations and are related to a specific airplane type—but in this case the warning covered all Boeing airplanes. The warnings are also issued following a crash if investigators have homed in on a possible cause.

Which means that Boeing knows something and they believe that it warrants enough urgency to notify all airlines that there’s a potential danger to carrying a certain cargo on board the plane.

A statement by the FAA’s Angela Stubblefield, a hazardous materials expert, that there is now a body of evidence that the batteries can cause explosions and fires capable of destroying an airplane echoes the urgency of a warning sent to all airlines by Boeing in July that the shipment of batteries created “an unacceptable risk” to crew and passengers.

Airbus followed suit a week later issuing a warning of their own recommending that operators carried  full risk assessment of what was vaguely termed high quantities of batteries in the cargo.


As investigation continues, conspiracies surround many other elements. They include Boeing and all the participants in the development of the 777; Malaysian Airlines; the stewards, military and civilian, of the airspace from Kuala Lumpur to the vanishing point over the Indian Ocean. Najib and the scandals that surround him. His incoherent babbling and bizarre statements given by those in power especially after not one but two Malaysian Airliners went down in such a short span of time.


We can only hope with constant investigation, answers will be provided for those that have lost loved ones in the tragedy and find solace in the truth.


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