Why Kong Hee could become Smeagol

As the City Harvest Church (CHC) scandal/debacle/deception/manipulation/fraud case comes to a close, we’re all aware now that Kong Hee is in no way a man of God.

The six accused had acted dishonestly and had breached the trust of their congregation and the sanctity of the Church and everything a Church should stand for. Despite that, their ardent believers have come together to unite and seek solace for the man they call leader. Sun Ho herself has taken to facebook to express their disappointment at the judgement.


It couldn’t have possibly come as a surprise to any of them that the final judgement would have been anything further from this, it would be delusional to assume anything else. Then again they believed that boosting a tone deaf women’s singing career would help spread the word of God. They also believed that their secular and provacative songs would draw people in to listen to the word of God, and that Asian Reggae is actually a thing. They’re pretty delusional. China Wine doesn’t even make sense, it only affirmed that Sun Ho has no clue where the division between holy and provocative lies.


Judge See who presided over the hearing had a lot of things to say to Kong Hee, commenting that he manipulated the state of paranoia among the congregation after Roland Poon a former member of the church had been the first to stand up and mention that church funds were being used to fund Sun Ho’s singing career. He rallied the congregation around the idea that the church was under attack and they had to be discreet.


Judge See also said “The allure of power that can be exercised in secrecy is difficult to resist. When shrouded under a cloak of invisibility, much like the mythical ring of Gyges, persons in such positions of power have no fear of accountability and tend to become their own worst enemies,” he wrote.

The ring of Gyges is a mythical artefact that grants its owner the power to become invisible at will, mentioned in Greek philosopher Plato’s The Republic. Very much like the “One Ring” in Lord of the Rings.


And in retrospect, this would liken Kong Hee to Smeagol the tiny man that would eventually be corrupted by power and succumb to his own dementia. Kong Hee would fit that role superbly as he seems to draw his power from manipulation and deceit, very much like Gollum when he tried to pit Frodo against Sam in a move to separate Frodo from his companion.

How dark and how far will Kong Hee fall?


The answer is probably not too far, he’ll end up in prison and he’ll still be able to conduct his affairs of the church through his many trusted underlings and will very likely turn this fracas once again into a manipulative chokehold on his own followers. It is not like sheep to leave their shepherd even when he’s lost.




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