Women remaining childless? What does it mean?

You know, not all women find fulfillment in having families just yet.

More bills to pay and more social and financial responsibilities as well as the ever-so popular “Wanderlust” and fitness trends of our era has brought us a new generation of ‘No Children, No Problem’ breed of independent women. The pressures of having a child has long passed us by, we no longer are focused on child bearing obligations, instead we have other forms of self-fulfillment methods. Lucky us. We now have options!


It used to be shameful for a woman to be barren or “left on the shelf” after a certain age, but that is no longer a fear this generation of women need to be concerned with. What concerns us instead is keeping ourselves happy, doing whatever we please like signing up for Hatha Yoga lessons, planning a trip to Paris for the holidays, saving up for that sweet new ride that we know we can afford if we do not have a child to be responsible for!


There now seems to be way more perks to not having a kid than actually having one. Women are putting themselves first and treating themselves the way they think/feel they deserve. Why? Because independent women can and are allowed to afford their preferred lifestyle.

 Will this bring about a population crisis in the next 10 – 20 years? Most likely, but with all trends eventually this too shall pass. Society revolves in a cyclic flux of change, what is old becomes new and what is new soon gets old. Women of this generation might not want children but who is to say what the next generation of women will be like?


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