Your Essential Picture Guide To Coney Island

Coney Island Photo Guide by Jules of Singapore

Coney Island is a 50ha island which is 2.4 km in length.

It has 2 entrances which is accessible by a park connector from Punggol Settlement (West Entrance) and by road from Lorong Halus (East Entrance).

History at Coney Island

The island was recently reopened to public on 10 October 2015. It has a rustic charm and undeveloped landscape, and is even more third-world than Pulau Ubin, Singaporeans’ favourite kampong.

Forgotten bench at Coney Island

You can take a half day trip there or just chill for the entire day. There are many quiet spots throughout the island.

Mangrove at Coney Island

Some activities you can do are trekking, jogging, mountain biking, scootering, picnicking, bird-watching, beach-lounging, cow-spotting and instagramming.

Mangrove walk at Coney Island

There are a lot of things which are not allowed such as fishing (although we counted more than 4 people fishing when we last visited on 16 October 2015).

park etiquette at Coney Island

It is somewhat pram and wheelchair-friendly (the main path is flat and there are paved paths leading to the breakwaters at the East and West entrances) but yet unfriendly (most of the paths are dirt roads and the main gates at both entrances may be closed, forcing visitors to enter by a side gate which is partially blocked by 2 poles).

Coney Island East Entrance

There is only one toilet near the East Entrance, so plan your route well.

Coney Island map

Coney Island is a great place to look for hidden treasures, contemplate the meaning of life surrounded by nature’s aura and practise your photography skills.

Coney island tree trunk

If you decide to visit Coney Island, please remember this: “Take only photos, leave only footprints.”

Litter on Coney Island beach C

To plan your virgin trip to Coney Island, you can refer to my “Top 18 Things To Do At Coney Island” photo guide at the top of this blogpost.

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