Zouk now belongs to Genting..here are a few things we wish wouldn’t happen.

Zouk, Singapore Icon and home to partygoers around the island, will soon be undergoing major changes with a new location and now new owners.


Zouk announced that it would be selling it’s rights to Genting Hong Kong (GHK) come the end of the year. What does this mean for Zouk, we don’t know. What we do know are that we wouldn’t want any of these things happening to Zouk.

1 – Zouk the Casino.


When you think Genting you think casino, especially with GHK owning Star Cruises and being an affiliate to Genting Singapore and the Genting Group. Although the thought having a slot machine in the toilet to provide some entertainment while queuing might be okay la.

2 – Zouk the Cloud.


Been to Genting highlands? It’s all misty and cold, but that’s because it’s on top of a mountain la. Resorts World also has that weird misty effect, Star Cruises no different. Always feels like you’re in the clouds when you’re in any Genting owned place. If Zouk goes that way, then Getai might have a new home.

3 – Hello Tai Tais, Goodbye Chio Bu


Genting, RWS, Star Cruises, the haunting ground for rich Tai Tais with nothing to do after their high tea. Mambo nights will be every night and ladies night will only entitle women above 45 with free flow drinks. Sounds like a dream come true if you’re looking for a sugar mummy.

4 – You purchase your drinks with chips


Just finished a session at RWS, still got some spare chips in your pocket? Not to fret, you can go to zouk and use it to purchase a bourbon before dancing to Mama Mia while you look for your sugar mummy. Or you might just have to purchase your chips at the door.

5 – Your cover charge is now a levy


If you’re Singaporean you’ll have to pay a levy per entry, you’ll be entitled to sit at any table you like but there will also be a minimum spending. This sounds like a nightmare already.

None of this will probably happen. At least we’re strongly hoping and praying it won’t happen la.




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