Can’t go to bed even though you know you need to?

We’ve all experienced sleepless nights where we find ourselves tossing and turning in bed. Thinking of important and ridiculous things. Scrolling through tv channels, replaying re-runs of old tv shows, signing in and out of various social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram OR we could just be laying in bed doing nothing but letting our thoughts race around.


Tomorrow is going to be the greatest day ever1

You’d psych yourself up for a really great day ahead by setting a positive tone before going to bed.

I should quit my current job and get my dream job2

You think about how life is too short to be wasted on a job you don’t really enjoy. You fantasize deeply about the job of your dreams and if you can get it as soon as possible.

I want to travel the world3

You create dream itineraries in your head and think about all the places you’d rather be right now than stuck in your bedroom living the life of mundanity.

I must watch and understand the latest episode of my favourite TV series4

You need to know, if you don’t know then you will not be able to sleep.

I have to get more excercise done5

You are always thinking about getting more fit, you have namecards and brochures of various gyms asking you to sign up for a membership. You just never got around to actually doing it… Maybe its time you do.

I wonder whats happening on social media6

You open and close apps endlessly every 5 seconds checking if there’s a new update. You are now addicted to social media and it haunts you while you are trying to sleep.

Why am i not asleep?7

You question all of the decisions you’ve ever made that have led you to this very moment.

The later it gets the less tired I feel8

At some point you’ve stayed up way too late and all you really wanna do is hang out with your friends but you realise everyone is asleep and you are all alone.

Should I flush the toilet and risk waking everybody?9

No. You may not.

Why am I so hungry?10

You know you’ve had enough at dinner but because you’ve stayed up way too late now you have room in your belly for supper.

Should I use grabcar or uber?11

You compare the deals and discounts available from grabcar and uber, etc. You then make a decision based on which one saves you more money.

I wish I had a job that starts in the afternoon12

You wish mornings never existed. You’ve been up all night and you know it’s going to be a real pain in the butt getting up in the morning to go to work.


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