9 Reasons Millennials Don’t Want Kids

There are so many reasons why millennials simply want to live their lives free from the confines of having children. They are the rebels of society, that have observed far enough what limits them and what gives them the freedom to do and say as they please. Millennials are free-spirits and the adventurers, they do not want to be pressured nor feel like they are tied down to one thing or another.

 There is so much more to live for in life than to rush into settling down and having children. What about traveling the world? What about achieving that dream job? Millennials are the “can-do” generation, everything also can one! If cannot, then find another way to make it happen.

 Lets take a look at 10 reasons why these millennials don’t want children:


Don’t want my child to end up crazy/stressed like me

Several millennials deal with the stress of society and they end up going through depression or some type of mental illness, like insomnia for example. Understanding the pressure society can put on a child is something that helps steer them away from the idea of having a children that may or may not become a product of their society’s expectation. Watching yourself suffer is enough, why you want to watch your own flesh and blood suffer the same way?99.11

How to afford children? I still need to pay off my student loans!

Financial reasons are one of the most popular reasons why people don’t want kids. Especially in Singapore, many students pursue overseas education and doing this incurs a hefty amount of student loan debt. Before thinking of coming back home to have a child, they need to think of securing a proper job to earn enough to pay off these debts. There really is not enough financial room for having a child unless you have inherited a large sum of money from your parents, but average folk need to be concerned on being responsible and first settling these loans. Kids can wait!

99.4Population crisis in Singapore #thestruggleisreal

There is already growing concern of overcrowding and immigration issues here in Singapore. Too many foreigners, lack of jobs reserved for the locals. More and more people want to move out of Singapore, so it is only natural that millennials take this into consideration and decide if they want to wait until they are out of a population crisis before adding to the situation by having a child.


Having children = No more freedom

This is self explanatory.


Being pregnant means I let go of my body. I didn’t go to the gym every week and yoga classes for nothing!

Many women would be freaked out at the idea of having their tight workout body morph into a sagging sleeve of extra skin that hangs in unwanted places, it was not easy achieving the body of a Goddess, the thought of having to waste all of that effort just to have a child seems less appealing to these millennials. Fitness is everything nowadays, everyone wants to have that perfect toned beach body and having a child means saying goodbye to that well-deserved, hard earned beautiful work of art!


Pressure to make the right decisions for someone else’s life

It is already hard enough to make the right decisons for your own life, what more thinking about trying to do the same thing for a smaller more volatile, more precious, more sensitive lifeform that is a child? What diaper brand is the best? What preschool should I take my child to? What kind of activities should my child learn? Etc.


Lacking on the mum vibe

Not every woman is born with nautral maternal instinct, some women just repel children and make them cry and can’t seem to understand why that happens. Not everyone sees a child and goes, “Awww so cute!!!!” some people just think, “urghh does it ever stop crying?”


Society is not always nice

Having a child means needing to be protective of someone else’s identity besides your own and trying your best to shield this innocent thing from the world of harsh scrutiny and judgement. It is a struggle having to protect yourself from breaking down under society’s mean streak, but having a child means fighting twice as hard to break down. It is exhausting!


Too much things on my plate. Where got time for kids?

There is so many things to do these days, like traveling, it just got easier with budget airlines and cheap airfare deals! All these promotions for gym memberships, yoga classes, pilates, kickboxing, etc. Trying new food, meeting new people, writing a novel, going on a spiritual retreat, watching endless amounts of movies, going to museums, exploring a new country! Tons of reasons to not have a kid basically!



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