Are our kids growing up too fast?

Secondary schools the nursing ground and hot pot for sexting.

If you’ve got teenage children, on the off chance if you ask them if they know what sexting is, they’ll probably say yes, if you ask them if they’ve ever sexted they’ll most likely tell you they haven’t. However a recent poll suggests that your teen might not be entirely truthful with you, we’re not suggesting you take away their phones and go through all their messages, but there is an increasing trend according to polls taken this and last year.


The number of secondary school students that have sent a lewd text or image to another person has increased according to survey of 2700 students. It found that 4.2% of upper sec students and 1.9% lower sec students have done the dirty as compared to 2014 where the figures were at 2.3% and 0.8% respectively.

Mr Chong Ee Jay, manager of Touch Cyber Wellness, a voluntary welfare group that teaches internet safety spoke about a case last year when a sec 4 girl was persuaded by her boyfriend also a sec 4 student from the same school to send him provocative and nude images of herself for his own viewing pleasure. She was uncomfortable with the idea but he was persuasive that they were for his eyes only.


The boy however showed the photos to his friends and the girl was labeled a “slut”. Mr Chong, strongly encourages teens not to expose themselves in such a manner as you never know who might find it or what might be done with these photos. It’s never a wise decision to place such personal information in the digital world as such data usually spreads and is easily retrieved.

Don’t be in a hurry to grow up kids, go look for our new national bird and butterfly instead.


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