Beware what you post

In the old days, spies would take to opening your mail before it hits your letterbox, these days we have the internet.

There’s a bunch of personal data floating around the internet, most of it on social media where pictures, personal information and all your little shenanigans are free for all to see, even if your settings are on private. Facebook has revealed that the Singaporean authorities have requested for 213 Facebook accounts in the first half of this year. a 9.79 per cent increase compared to last year from July – December.


According to Facebook, almost 75 per cent of these requests amount in data being produced and used by authorities. Facebook has said that they scrutinise each and every request for legal sufficiency and would fight in court if a request is deficient or overly broad. It’s a rising global trend for government to resort to requesting for data from Facebook to monitor criminal activity and assist with criminal investigations.


So if you’re a clean soul, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. But if you’re hiding something, chances are you’re going to be found out.


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