Careful Who You Rent Your Apartment To

A retired man was found dead by his wife after a tussle with their tenant.

William Wong 76, was found dead by his wife Winnie Teo in their flat after a fight broke out between the retiree and their tenant. Madam Teo, 58 was shocked by what greeted her when she arrived home after she received a call at a foodcourt in Orchard Road where she was working as a cleaner notifying her that her husband was bleeding.

She and her husband had just had dinner at the foodcourt she worked at, and he had initially told her that he would wait for her to knock off before heading home together, however she told him that it was unnecessary and gave him $10 before he left. When she saw him next, she was greeted by a pool of blood and splatter on the wall, as well as her husband’s lifeless body in their flat.

She told the press that her husband and their 34 year old female tenant from Malaysia had argued constantly and that the tenant had even threatened to burn the house down a couple of times. The tenant had defaulted on her $250 rent a number of times and Mr Wong had been vocal about it.

Their tenant used to work with Madam Teo as a dishwasher for Madam Teo’s boss but now worked somewhere else although Madam Teo doesn’t know what she does. The tenant was said to have money problems as two weeks ago a woman had showed up with a photocopy of the tenant’s passport seeking payment of $50, however Madam Teo had covered for her and told the lady that she had moved out. Madam Teo would also never rush the tenant on defaulted payment which was meant for Mr Wong’s allowance, and give him money instead.

Mr Wong had also lost a son in a traffic accident more than 30 years ago, so the couple are childless leaving Madam Teo alone after the death of her husband. The police had been called in and as the tenant was near the scene of the crime she has been arrested.

You really got to be careful who you rent your rooms to these days.


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