Do what is best for you and your baby.

It goes something like this: If those people ain’t paying your bills then pay those people no mind!

People, society, family members are always going to talk. They think they know what’s best for you so they try to give you “constructive criticism” even though you’re not asking for it. Always remember never to take what other people say too seriously, at the end of the day you know what’s best for you and your baby, you don’t need to take what they say personally.


Common Gossip about Pregnant Women:


Gets pregnant at 19:

“Wah so young get pregnant?!”,

“How like that?”,

“She has no future!”


Gets pregnant at 35:

“She is risking her baby’s health!”,

“What if the baby has special needs?”,

“So old still want to have children?”

Considers abortion:

“Can’t believe she wants to just get rid of her own baby.”

“That is so irresponsible of her!”

“She should find a way to raise the child.”

“No better than a murderer!”


Keeps the baby:

“How is she going to afford taking care of the baby?”

“Is she earning enough money?”

“She is being selfish to her child!”


Getting benefits for her and her baby:

“How lazy can she be?”

“She just making use of other people’s money and help.”

“She cannot be independent!”


Getting a full-time job to feed her baby:

“Who is going to take care of the baby when she is working?”

“Now she better hire a maid!”

“She has no time to take care of her own kid, so selfish of her!”


Becomes a stay-at-home mum:

“She probably does nothing all day.”

“She uses facebook more than she plays with her baby!”

“She is too lazy to find a job!”


Stops hanging out with her friends:

“Why is she being so anti-social.”

“She has no life besides taking care of a baby!”

“She is not the person we knew.”


Goes out and leaves baby with relative / babysitter:

“Confirm partying again.”

“She should be staying at home with her baby.”

“How can she be so irresponsible, leaving her baby at home while she has fun?”


Wants to breakup with crappy boyfriend:

“They should work things out for the sake of the baby.”

“How can they just let everything go so easily?”

“She doesn’t know how to be forgiving.”


Stays with crappy boyfriend:

“Does she not know what is good for her?”

“She is being so dumb and desperate!”

“Can’t she find someone better than him?”


Eating burgers:

“She’s so damn fat!”

“Wow that’s really unhealthy…”

“She should eat a salad or something.”


Eating salads:

“Why is she trying to lose weight?”

“I think she’s one of those starving health nutcase…”

“Someone toss her a steak!”


Being overprotective of her child:“You need to relax, helicopter mum!”

“The kid will never learn.”

“She is spoiling her child rotten.”


Lets her child play on his / her own:

“Where in the world is this kid’s mum?”

“Who would let her child just run around like this?”

“So dangerous!”

“Such bad parenting, much disapprove!”


Spanks her child:

“She should be less aggressive.”


“This woman is abusing her child.”


Refuses to spank her child:

“Her kids are going to be such brats.”

“How will they learn to behave?”

“She is too soft on her kids.”


No matter what the situation people will always have something to say, because they have nothing else better to do. Silence is the best revenge! So take it all in and learn to live another day.


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