Dog removed from owner by SPCA after cruel video surfaces

SPCA reacts after a video popped up on the internet showing a man lifting a dog by the leash and spinning it around.

The dog has since been removed from the owner who was disgruntled that dog refused to follow his instructions and follow after him. He commanded the dog in mandarin and upon refusal to follow his instructions he lifted the dog in the air by it’s leash and spun the dog in mid air.

SPCA and AVA are now looking to build a case against the man who clearly was abusing the dog. According to the revised animals and birds act, anyone found guilty of cruelty to animals, including abandonment can be jailed for up to 18 months and fined up to $15,000.

In good news, a vet has determined that the dog hasn’t sustained any visible physical injuries.

Here’s hoping the man tastes the same punishment he dished out to the dog.


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