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So, news came out yesterday (16 Nov 2015) about the meeting between Senior Minister of State for Transport Ng Chee Meng and the National Taxi Association.

It seems the association wrote a letter to Ng to share their concerns and recommendations.

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One of its recommendations included embracing technology to make their business more efficient. Today, most commuters face a problem where taxi drivers are no where to be found when you need one.

Just recently, an angry reader sent in a video of her long wait for a taxi at a taxi stand.

From an angry reader:”Where are all the taxis?! We waited around 30mins with dozens of available taxis passing by but none stopped at the taxi stand. Not the first time can… These drivers only want to come out and get customers only when there is surcharge. This is unethical and something really needs to be done about this!”Have you experienced this yourself?

Posted by FiveStarsAndAMoon on Friday, 13 November 2015

The comments that came in were quite strong…some talked about how the traditional taxis are losing out because the taxi companies are not harnessing technology and how Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs) are winning the battle because of their mobile booking platforms.





You see, some of these netizens have suggested for taxi companies to harness technology and improve their booking systems.

Rightly so, if you ask me. Technology is definitely available out there in the market for companies to tap on, not just to match their taxis plying the roads to passengers, but vice versa.

In fact, one of the points which the taxi association recommended to the Transport Ministry is for the government and taxi operators to leverage on “new technologies and practices to improve the riding experience of their passengers and matching efficiency of taxi drivers.”


Private Hire Vehicles such as GrabCar and Uber are doing well of late because in the better match in supply and demand of transport as a result of mobile applications.So if taxi operators or even the government can do the same, I’m sure it will be a win-win situation – Taxi drivers get their passengers and passengers get their ride!



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