Exercise Heartbeat – keeping the nation safe

A whatsapp message going around has been declared a hoax by the Singapore Police Force.

There has been a message going around that mentions that Singapore is on a city wide lockdown, that information is not true according to the Singapore Police Force.


After the Paris attacks, some joker probably tried to get under the skin of citizens by pulling a fast one and instilling fear and anxiety into the population, but accordingly the authorities are on hand to handle situations as such if they do arise.

Incidentally, exercise Heartbeat, a yearly event conducted by the Singapore Civil Defence Force took place this morning at One Marina Boulevard. The exercise was deemed an important one especially after the recent attacks in Paris.


Singapore has to stay vigilant and the SCDF proved that by responding within 8 minutes of activation and were swift in their action in mitigating and controlling the situation.


In total, five terror attack scenarios will be role-played across two days, Nov 18 and 23.

Earlier on Wednesday, between 1am and 4.30am, a simulated terrorist swarm attack was held at Toa Payoh HDB Hub.

The final scenario on Nov 23 will involve a simulated suicide bomber and gunman attack. It will be held at Sentosa Golf Club and Sentosa Cove Village between 9am and 12pm.


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