Hoard of Elephant Tusks in Changi Airport.

5 images surfaced today on imgur a photo sharing site that showed some disturbing images from Changi Airport’s Customs Compund.

The images were posted on to the Singapore subreddit page by masterveerappan. He received the images from a friend who works at Changi Airport who’s identity has been kept secret by the original poster.

This is what the original poster said:

A friend working at Changi captured some disturbing images of elephant tusks at Changi. Wonder how many elephants laid down their lives for all that ivory. We don’t know the back story or what happened, but all of this has been hidden from the media. All we know is that all of that has been confiscated by Customs, and the images are from the Customs compound. Of course, the friend doesn’t want to be in trouble for capturing images of off limits areas. And since I have more than one friend based in Changi, his identity should be safe……I hope (unless of course one of you convinces me this is not safe for me, then I’ll just delete this post).

In the images it shows a warehouse full of what looks like Elephant tusks, sought after for their ivory and very much an illegal trade worldwide. As we know Elephants are threatened with extinction from poaching, with poachers killing elephants only for their tusks.

tusks1 tusks2 tusks3 tusks4 tusks5

It is unclear what the tusks in the pictures are for or where they’ve come from. They could have been seized recently or it could have been an entire storage of tusks seized through the years. What is clear is there are quite a lot of them.


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