Jusuf Kala does it again

Jusuf Kala blames the wind.

Jusuf Kala a man who possibly believes in fairies and dragons has once again moaned about all the complaints coming from the region due the haze. The haze was one of the worst we’ve ever experienced reaching the dizzy heights of 300 and above on more than one occasion.


Speaking at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO summit, he said this, “I’m so sorry to Malaysia and Singapore to say that we cannot control the wind. We don’t want the haze to go everywhere. (It happened) not because we want it to (affect) our neighbours, but because of the wind.”

At least he’s apologetic, but he’s still pushing the blame to the wind (literally). I’ve not heard worst excuses since I was in primary school. The imagination this man has is beyond most of us.


He accepted that the forest fires are a big deal, not just to the atmosphere and breathing conditions, but to the environment with such huge amounts of rainforest being lost yearly due to logging and burning. Although he  mentioned that this was due to foreign companies teaching locals how to clear the forest.

Mr Kala thanked the countries that helped with the forest fires, but said that Indonesia could use more international cooperation as they can’t do it alone. A totally different tune to one he was singing when Singapore offered help at the onset of the haze.


He also reiterated his previous remarks about the “10 months” of good weather enjoyed by Indonesia’s neighbours, quipping: “Ten months every year, the good weather goes to our neighbours. You enjoyed it, we did not ask you to pay for it. But if there’s some bad problem, it is our problem to the region too.”

Good on you Jusuf Kala, not so bright for Indonesia.

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