Kong Hee Fa Choy, No Sun For 8 Years!

The CHC saga has come to a close, and the 6 have gotten their verdicts.


From 21 months to 8 years, the sentences dished out reflected the severity and involvement each of the 6 had in their criminal operation. The trial has lasted 5 long years, and Kong Hee has claimed that his family, including his aged parents, siblings and his ten year old son have all suffered throughout the proceedings as his lawyer pleaded for a lenient sentence.

But it was not to be and Judge See dished out 8 years to Kong for his main role in trying to mislead his church and instructing the other 5 in how to redirect money into the crossover project to propel the miserable career for his wife Sun Ho in hopes of reaching out to non-christians.

The rest of the sentences are according:

Chew Eng Han – 6 years

Tan Yee Peng – 5 years 6 months

Serina Wee – 5 years

John lam – 3 years

Sharon Tan – 21 months

ST02102014-1427464408/Lau Fook Kong/City Harvest Trial,  Sharon Tan, on the stand. Pictures of Kong Hee, John Lam, Tan Ye Peng, Chew Eng Han, Sharon Tan and Serina Wee. Pix of Ms Sharon Tan.

“In pursuing the Crossover Project, the accused have clearly crossed so far over the line that a substantial sentence is certainly called for.”

The accused will be allowed bail and the start of their sentences deferred until January 11 next year.

The leaders have paid their price but their sheep will still be lead by Kong’s wife in his absence as a newly ordained pastor. Kong’s plea that he is the sole provider for his family pulls the wool over nobody’s eyes outside the church after evidence showed that he’s already made enough money to turn his wife into an international laughing stock.

Where will this lead CHC, we predict no where. They’ll still be around when Kong gets out, they’ll still be giving money without question and Sun will still be trying to reach out to non-christians as a bikini-ed Geisha.




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