LionsXII out

Singapore’s LionsXII have been shown the door by Football Association of Malaysia

The LionsXII have been playing in the Malaysian League since 2012 and have done well winning the league in 2013. This came after a meeting was held in Kuala Lumpur where 12 members of the FAM committee voted unanimously for the teams expulsion.

So the LionsXII will not be playing in the 2016 Malaysian Super League and speculation have arisen as to where they’ll ply their trade next season. The FAM has stated that another club will fill the vacant position left by the LionsXII via a playoff.

There seems to be a legitimate reason in the recent expulsion though. Malaysian teams have asked for FAS to bear the costs of accomodation and travel to Singapore for Malaysian clubs as the exchange rate continues to plummet making it more expensive for the visiting teams to travel to Singapore.

FAS has refused to bear the costs despite Malaysian teams willing to do the same. Economically it wouldn’t make sense for FAS to take on the brunt of the league with the Lions having to host a club everytime it faces us.

This isn’t the first time Singapore has been removed from the League, will we ever see a return?

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