Love or just spoilt?

The distinct divide between the mega rich and the rest of us.

Rich kids these days are pretty evident, we see youngsters in luxury cars and dressed in sharp suits most of their peers can only dream about. And with social media being so widely used, it’s even easier to see through the eyes of mega rich of this generation.

You no longer have to flip through a Forbes magazine or take a walk down certain neighbourhoods just to understand how vastly different the children of the rich grow up compared to the rest of society. Many of the super rich are gifted with cars and watches that far outweigh the annual allowance of some teenagers.

But are these affection from parents who want to give their children the luxury that they may not have had as children or just a quick way to say “I love you”?

In a recent article, two youngsters with rich parents were interviewed and they believe that it is love and not their parent’s making up for busy schedules or spoiling them.

Miss Audrey Tay received not one but two luxury cars from her dad, although she traded one in for the other. She received a customised pink Continental GT Bentley for her 18th Birthday and a Porsche 911 Turbo for her 20th, Miss Tay still only 21 took to instagram to express her gratitude to her dad for the lavish gifts. She said she never asked for either of the gifts but they were pleasant surprises. Aside from cars, she’s also received other presents including bags and watches.

Miss Tay knows that her life is more privileged than others but insists that she doesn’t live a life where she’s unaware about the world and society. So she helps out with the less fortunate and understands that she has to give back to society.

Mr Atwell Tay, 29 received a Lotus Elise for his birthday that came with a set of conditions from his mom. No drink driving, no reckless driving and no racing. He was surprised by the gift as his mother had always wanted him to get safer cars. His gift came as a surprise to him as his mom was away on a trip, the first time she had missed his birthday and he was upset that she wasn’t going to be around. Was it to make up for her absence or did she finally think he was mature enough for the super car?

These aren’t the only kids in Singapore with mega rich parents and although there are some parents who refuse to make extravagant purchases for their children in order not to create a delusional fairytale and to keep them grounded there are some who believe that there’s no such thing as over extravagance.


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