M)phosis no more

Local label M)phosis has closed all their stores in Singapore.

The label was pretty famous and if you remember they sold those slippers that almost all girls had a pair of at one point of time or another. They even have outlets throughout the region, but all of them are in the process of folding right now. They had outlets in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.


However, if you’re a big fan of the outlet, you can always head to China, where their stores are still open. “In China, we are still in the marketplace,” said the brand’s director, Mr Hensley Tan. “We were having a severe cash flow situation. We were not able to continue, despite wanting to. We did everything we could,” he said, adding that all staff at the affected outlets have been retrenched. “We thank our customers, who have supported us all these years.”

However some customers aren’t too happy with the sudden closure of the store, Ms Cecilia Yeo, 37, said she was sold vouchers in April and was a “lifetime member” of the chain. “I am supposed to get 10 per cent discount for a lifetime,” she said, adding that she has $60 worth of unused vouchers. “When I bought them, staff told me not to worry about the expiry date. They may have already known that they were going to shut down and they still sold the vouchers. That is not right,” said Ms Yeo, a sales executive.


The chain had tried to reach out to as many customers as they could, to ask them to make redemptions before the last outlet shut, he said, adding: “We don’t take the matter lightly. But we are not in a position now to make any promises.”

So if you’ve got vouchers to claim, then we feel sorry for you, but you’re most likely never going to get anything out of them anymore.


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