Not by the skin of his chinny chin chin

Local artist creates sculpture out of skin from the soles of his feet.

Talk about creepy art, this probably borders on the edge of insane and just…yeah pretty much insane. But in the name of art, the further away from the norms of humanity you are the better the pay off, I guess.


So Ezzam Rahman, a part time lecturer at Laselle college of the arts decided to take his art from to blistering new heights for an art class project back in 2009, the artist needed to show time through art, and naturally dead skin from his feet was the thing he went for.


He was inspired by his nail biting habits, (seriously hoping its just his finger nails he’s biting) and now he scrapes his skin off monthly, keeping the peeled human canvas in an air tight bag to slow the decay. He then waits 3 -4 weeks for new skin to grow before repeating the process, and here we see an innovation in keeping the cost of raw material down.

He creates fossil like sculptures and flowers with his dead skin. The fossils are sort of an irony to the whole thing, as his skin is slowly decaying while fossils are all that’s left when your soul leaves your body. See that’s art.

Ezzam Rahman's Ouch! series created showcases animal fossils created with his dead skins in 2014.

He currently has two works at the Singapore Art Museum. The first, Here’s Who I Am, I Am What You See, features human skin flower sculptures in bell jars and will be showcased until March 27 next year. So you can go check out his skin sculptures if you want. Who wouldn’t.

Ezzam Rahman's “Here’s who I am, I am what you see,” showcases his human flesh sculpted flowers, that is currently exhibiting at Singapore Arts Museum until 27 March 2016.

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