Pairing students with corporate leaders

Getting students the head start they need and the network to expand their horizons upon graduation.

It ain’t easy getting a job you’re truly passionate and enthusiastic about without knowing someone and getting a recommendation or having prior experience in the industry. SIM is looking to change that by providing select students with the opportunity to rub shoulders, build a network and come under the mentorship of CEOs and big players in their industries.


A new career office has opened up in SIM to do exactly that, and it’s looking to link student and CEO/Leaders for a period of 6 months where they’ll meet to discuss leadership skills or workplace strategies. The students will be mentored by people who work in industries they’re interested in, giving them a clearer picture beyond the classroom and textbooks at what a real working environment is like.


The career office, named Career Connect currently has 20 mentors but they’re looking to expand that figure upwards to about 80 mentors. Previously, career guidance was given on an ad-hoc basis unlike the regular fixture it is now. The end game, is to not just provide students with the necessary skills but in hopes that they impress and be able to land a job in a field that interests them.

Career Connect is run by 50 students under a full-time staff of 10. Students do work such as approaching firms and pitching for internship opportunities for students, and organising tea sessions for students to meet industry leaders. Those who do well may be selected for the mentorship scheme.


The career office currently has two other schemes, where students are matched with SIM alumni in middle management and another where student leaders guide other students.


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