Playboy still banned

MDA has lifted a ban on 240 publications from political material like communism to adult magazines.

Aside from these 240 publications there are still a list of 17 that remain on the banned list, even if they may already be out of print. Some of the 240 publications that have recently been given the freedom of circulation are also out of print.


The affected publications include the anti-colonial Tamil periodical Dravida Nadu, which was banned in 1949; four communist titles including The Long March, a play banned in 1959; and the English-language magazine World Student News, banned in 1957.

List of 17 publications which remain prohibited

1.       Elite
2.       Men Only
3.       PlayGirl
4.       Mayfair
5.       Hustler
6.       Cheri
7.       Playboy
8.       Girls of Penthouse
9.       Swank
10.     Gallery
11.      Penthouse
12.      Genesis
13.     Velvet
14.     Fiesta
15.     Knave
16.    All publications by Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society
17.    All publications by International Bible Students Association

From their names you can probably make a wild guess and figure that articles 1 to 15 are pornographic content and probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to any that they’re not allowed here. It’s a shame, but a law’s a law.

The last two publications are highly sensitive religious material belonging to the christian denomination of the Jehovah order. The Jehovah’s witness do not believe in bearing arms or serving in the national service and have therefore remained on the list due to the content they possess.


The publications industry is largely self-regulated. In assessing whether a publication is suitable for importation or distribution, importers, local publishers and retailers refer to content guidelines issued by MDA and the Undesirable Publications Act. Importers may refer the publications to MDA if in doubt.


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