PM Lee Pays Tribute To The Indian Community

A diverse Indian Community helped to shape this nation.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong played host to Indian’s Prime Minister Narendra Modhi at Komala Villas a popular vegetarian restaurant in Little India. Both Prime Ministers along with Ms Ho had the entire first floor to themselves as they tucked in to Idli and Thosai, familiar Indian dishes.


PM Lee spoke at a lunch in honour of the visiting Indian PM and sang praise about G Sarangapany who arrived from Tamil Naidu India in 1924 and founded the Tamil newspaper and sold it for 1 cent so that the poor could read it too.

“Because of leaders like him, Singapore has today a thriving community of Indians who are well-integrated in our society and form an essential part of our multi-racial, multi-religious mix,” Mr Lee said.


Singapore still relies on a great foreign workforce in shaping our country and India and its region fall under that bracket. We’ve had labourers mostly coming into the construction industry and more and literally built all the facilities that we natives use on such a regular basis. It feels only right that our leader should give them praise for the work they’ve done.

Mr Modi also commented on the advancement of Singapore and the growth it had in the last 50 years. “Singapore is the metaphor of the reality of dreams,” said Mr Modi. “And Singapore achieved it without a vast expanse of territory, or the gifts of nature.”


It is now with clear intent that both countries will be playing integral parts in future infrastructure of both nations.

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