Preaching the Gospel of money

Had enough of CHC yet? Well here’s more because you need to be force fed their sermons.

This guy, Kong Hee everyday we hear a little bit more about him, this time other pastors and ex-congregation are speaking up against Kong’s theology.

Kong chose to spread the word of God, his word of God through the secular “music” of his wife Sun Ho. He’s funneled millions of dollars into the tragic trash that Sun Ho produces. How he arrived at the conclusion that his own wife Sun Ho was a magical entertainer or fantastic singer capable of reaching stellar heights in America despite not hitting lowly highs in Asia could turn people to God by overhyping an Asian stereotype and moving her rumpus in a way that only Satan would be proud of.


It’s a mystery, a real mystery, especially since God personally speaks to Kong, would he not have known that this would be a failed venture and that he would be put in prison for his silly hobbies?

Pastor Aaron Ho from Saint Andrew’s Secondary School had written in his blog that trying to evangelise through Ms Ho’s controversial music career was “questionable at the very least”.

Very questionable indeed.

“The principle is this – you cannot compromise the gospel in order to share the gospel,” he wrote.

Former members were also strong-armed into purchasing Sun’s CDs to make it look like she was a big seller and to boost her popularity. Many have came out to speak about it, making it look more like hard selling Sun Ho then hard preaching religion. Even so, hard preaching shouldn’t even be a thing.

Miss Geraldine Sim mentioned that “whenever Ms Ho released a music album, pastors would “encourage” members to buy it, there were extreme examples. At a meeting, we were told one of the cell group leaders had sold his car so he could buy more albums. It was like ‘See, our brother, he sacrificed for God’.”

See our brother, he now has no car and a lot of shiny things he can’t buy his place in heaven with.


“It was an environment where financial contribution was constantly portrayed as a positive thing you do to be a good Christian, and for your own good, to enrich yourself spiritually and financially,” said Mr Wee, who left the church in 2009.

Another member Mr Khoo, a student when he was attending the church adds fuel to the CHC bonfire,

“At that point of time, I was still a student, but I was driving my dad’s car – I think they felt I was quite well-to-do. Making a donation is a personal choice, he said, adding that contributions were noted on envelopes and tracked by cell group leaders.CHC preaches the “prosperity gospel”, which teaches that one would be rewarded materially and spiritually if they gave financially to God.”


Why people still give, is beyond us, it is their money and they are free to give to whomever they choose. In my opinion, buying a hot meal for someone who needs it is more salvation than buying a CD that doesn’t play music.



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