Rubbing Salt…

Looks like Kong might be getting more than 8 years, Rejoice!

An appeal has been filed and it hasn’t come from the CHC camp, instead the prosecution has filed an appeal on the terms handed out to the accused by Judge See.

AGC1They feel that the sentences dished out weren’t enough. I must admit when I first read this I was under the impression that Kong and friends were the one’s appealing but in a twist of fate, the prosecution are pushing for a longer sentence.

Looks like when it was all said and done and justice had prevailed, the long arm of the law felt like it wasn’t long enough. Is this a good thing? Frankly I don’t know. Do I want Kong in jail for a longer time? Frankly it doesn’t really matter to me.

Then man should be punished and I felt 8 years perhaps was light, after all he still has all that money in his MPA and his wife still takes from the church.

Christmas present for all!

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