Secondary School Gets O$P$ Treatment

Not even Secondary Schools are spared when it comes to loan sharks.

North Vista Secodnary School students and teachers were in for a rude shock when they returned during their final term break to find the name and crest of their school covered in red paint as well as posters with information about a man and his son who acted as guarantors for a loan.

However the details didn’t check out and the school the loan sharks or highly probably pranksters/ vandals doesn’t even exist. They were apparently targeting a student from a non existent Rivervale Secondary School. They probably assumed North Vista was the closest bet as it was situated along Rivervale Link.

School principal Ms Lee checked with the school’s database and could not find the man or the son in question registered. Minister of State, Teo Ser Luck who is the MP overseeing the ward have also received requests from residents in the neighbourhood whom have wrongfully been implicated by loan sharks and is looking into the possibility of installing CCTV units to prevent runners from further vandalism.

We can only guess that this is either a really bored vandal, or a loan shark runner that’s just really bad at his job.


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