Singapore tops education standards

These caps better be worth it

Singapore leads the world in quite a few ways, we’re a wealthy nation with a stable economy. And when we look at our ASEAN neighbours we can see that our country is a step above the rest when it comes to certain fields.

We may not be the highest achieving in areas such as sports and the arts but we’ve managed to provide all our children and teenagers with a basic education that in turn helps to boost our nations literacy rate as well as the progress of our nation.

As seen in this video below, we’re raked the top when it comes to education followed by a host of other east Asian countries that are within the walthier range.

Sure children seem to be more stressed with their exams and parents can sometimes spend way too much on tuition in our competitive society. But as a pillar in society, education has proven to be a big asset in our survival and growth.


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