Singaporean terrorist wants to renounce citizenship

A Singaporean terrorist wants to adopt Indonesian citizenship to escape the ISA.

Mohammad Hassan Saynudin, also known as Fajar Taslim, a jailed terrorist in Indonesia wants to take up Indonesian citizenship after his release from prison in 2027 so as not to face a potential imprisonment by the ISA if he returns to Singapore.
Indonesia however does not allow dual citizenship and he would have to give up his Singaporean citizenship if he were to switch nationalities. His lawyer, Mr Achmad Michdan is seeking more information from the Singaporean Embassy in indonesia on how he can give up his Singapore citizenship.
An associate of the Indonesian-born Singaporean terrorist Mas Selamat Kastari, Hassan is serving a jail term of 18 years for killing a Christian school teacher and planning terror attacks against Westerners.

The defiant terrorist appeared to show no remorse for his crimes when the court handed down the verdict in 2009. He said he did not appeal against the sentence because he did not recognise the judicial system.


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