SQ confirms that Goat farts did not cause emergency landing

You probably may not have heard but a carrier plane from Adelaide to Kuala Lumpur landed had to make an emergency stop in Bali.

The plane was carrying a shipment of goats when it had to land en route from Adelaide to Kuala Lumpur in Bali. Media reports from the Daily Mail UK reported that the emergency landing was caused by “exhaust gasses and manure from sheep” The SQ flight, 7108 confirmed that that was not the case, and that the media had a whirlwind out of a tiny bit of air.


The plane actually had to stop because the crew had received a warning from the onboard fire alarm system. The aircraft, a Cargo Boeing 747 freighter plane, landed in Bali at 5.11pm local time and upon inspection, no evidence of fire or smoke was found. The aircraft was later certified serviceable and departed at 8.20pm local time. It delivered its shipment safely to its destination in Kuala Lumpur at 11.16pm local time.


It would have made for a better story of the Singapore Airliner had to pull over due to being unable to open the windows to let out a maelstrom of farts from the delicious creatures, but the fire alarm warning seems more legitimate. We’ll let you choose which story you’d rather go with.

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