Staying in the airport – for 7 months

That’s right, a trio has called the airport home for the past 7 months.


Miss Eileen Ho, 24 and her boyfriend Daniel Soo, 24 along with her younger brother Wilson, 20 have been sleeping in Terminal 3 beside Xin Wang Cafe for several months according to employees at the cafe.

The couple apparently moved into the airport after Miss Ho had a falling out with her parents, along the way they decided to take her younger brother with her as he suffers from epilepsy.

Mr Soo when asked “Why the airport?” reveals that they have nowhere else to go as he’s an orphan and the airport is “pretty alright, with free internet, electricity and water”. Mr Soo has a part time job at a food caterer and is occasionally called in to work. He gets about $500 from it and the trio survives off it, buying food, cigarettes and prepaid cards with it, while friends occasionally drop by with food for them.

When asked what they do all day, Miss Ho replied, “eat, smoke charge phone”. The couple have been unable to find jobs too because employers don’t hire “homeless” people according to Miss Ho.

A spokesman for Changi Airport Group said that they had hooked the trio up with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and “a social welfare officer is currently exploring accommodation options with them”.

An MSF spokesman confirmed that it was aware of this case.

The MSF spokesman said: “The persons mentioned had received financial and social assistance from both Social Service Office (SSO) and Family Service Centre (FSC).

“Temporary shelter options were also offered to them previously, but they had declined the offer.

“They often missed their scheduled appointments with the FSC social workers and were also reluctant to work with help agencies on their accommodation issues.

The coupled were ordered to move out by Changi’s security guards on Friday.






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