Taking the fight to them

In lieu of the attacks in Paris, we take a look at our own home, Singapore.

In May earlier this year, it was cited on social media that Singapore could be a target for an ISIS attack. The terror group has had a foothold in South East Asia, with a recruits joining the terror cell from neighbours Malaysia and Indonesia.


The threat is real, and even more so with ISIS’ Malay archipelago combat unit, Katibah Nusantara, formed in Syria last August making ground. This particular group was established to help militants from the region. They communicate in Malay and Bahasa Indonesia instead of Arabic making it easier for recruits in the region to communicate with the terror group.

Aside from that, the group trains recruits to become militants and to instigate attacks in South East Asia.

We’re a safe country, and security has always been vigilant, but we should never take anything for granted. And in the light of attacks from ISIS we should put more focus on securing our nation.

Security guards in general could play a big role in keeping these threats the way they are now, merely threats. Security personnel in our nation mostly consist of retirees right now. It’s probably time we see young blood recruited into the ranks and to toss the image of a retiree in a uniform to a trained guard.


Retirees can still contribute to the defence and security of our nation, with additional training to give them the necessary skills and a proper pay structure to accommodate the risk and the new skills they learn, we’d have a force that would be constantly watchful.

In Paris, a security guard thwarted the plans of the terrorist and prevented more carnage when he denied entry to a person wearing an explosive vest. The bomber detonated his vest outside the stadium and still did damage, but if not for the security guard, the situation at the Stade de France would have been a lot worst. It was thought that the bomber would most likely have detonated it in the stadium causing panic and hysteria resulting in a mass stampede.


The security guard explained that he was briefed on the sequence by the security frisking team. Which goes to show the importance and simplicity constant training and upgrading can do for our security measures.

We already have an existing core of security guards, although they may be made up of seniors, they’d be more than up to the task with ample protocal and guidance as well as a unique pay structure to entice new recruits and to keep our security force fresh and alert.



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