The Blame Game

The recent terror attacks in Paris wasn’t a stand alone and it has prompted many to be the way the truth and the light for all.

The truth is that yes, horrific things are taking place throughout the world daily. Logging on to Facebook recently and I’m confronted with post after post about how we’re ignoring the middle east but mourning our french brethren.

But once in a while I come across someone that puts things a little into perspective.

Screenshot 2015-11-16 15.07.47The perspective of the original poster above might be different from many others, we see another example of why some people feel that the Paris attacks hit closer to home than others.

blameEvery time a European or non-Arab country takes a hit, social media is bombarded with psuedo-detectives. They arrive at the cause of all the problems of the world and they shame this people on the internet. It really is quite silly, it’s always a “we’re under attack” stance or “we’re suffering more than others” stance. These people take their opinions and plaster it all over social media to take away from the fact that something terrible has happened.


Yes I see the plight throughout the rest of the world, no I am not shifting my focus on just Paris, no I am not biased about my compassion or sympathy and no I do not need you to tell me how I should be feeling for humanity.

The simple truth is this, nobody’s pain is bigger or more important than others.

The simple truth is this, we pray not just for Paris, or Beirut or Gaza, we pray for humanity as a whole cause we need it.

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