The Five Pros And Cons of Social Media

Social Media is merely a tool. It cannot lie to you, people lie to you.

Your phone cannot use you, but you can use your phone. Just like your Facebook profile doesn’t magically alter itself to tell people who you are, only you can fill in the blank. So for people out there joining in Essena O’Neill’s “Social Media is Not Real Life” movement (more like cry for help / attention), just remember this, you are what you make of yourself. Your social media profile can be “real” if you just stick to being you!

This recent uprising from O’Neill was seen when she mass deleted photos from her instagram account and replaced captions providing insight to her very serious accusation against social media being “A LIE”. Needless to say this stunt provided her with even more fame than she was already receiving. I mean… Really? Why not just delete the entire instagram account then? Wouldn’t that have made an even clearer point to her audience? #you4real

Here are 5 Pros & Cons of using Social Media:


Raising awareness to advocate for animal/human rights:

Social media can be useful in spreading resourceful information regarding animal and human rights which are important in our society because we need to be more aware on ways to sustain life on our planet.

A source of employment:

Social Media has become the most efficient marketing tool for organisations hence a widespread variety of job opportunities in this particular field.

Sharing relevant news around the world:

The recent attack on Paris has caused pandemonium throughout the globe and this news is able to travel rapidly with the help of Social Media.

Spreading laughter and motivation:

Nothing like a good scroll on 9gag after a long tiring day at work. You need some memes in your life to cheer you up.

Your account is fully customisable by YOU:

You can represent your true self on social media or you could simply replicate a less-than-true version of yourself pretty much like a fictional character.


Your profile may or may not define YOU:

The things someone posts online and how they behave in real life can be two very different things. If you ask someone to talk about themselves they may not give a very realistic idea. Someone may be an OOTD influencer yet put on personas of an activist to sell themselves as a relatable online personality to gain more publicity.

Less face to face communication:sm8

More and more people are facing screens rather than each other. During social events its common to see a group of people standing around interacting with their phones ignoring their surroundings.

Shaming others and creating hate:

Shaming others is only good for making yourself feel like a better individual but you are actually a sh*thead and no one likes to be around you cause you suck.

Developing a sense of self entitlement:


Being popular or having a herd of followers does not automatically give you the right to criticize and form nasty opinions about everything and everyone around you and it does not prove anything to anyone.

A channel for misinformation:

You have a smartphone so now you suddenly turned into a paparrazi for Stomp. Testing out your crop skills but yet managed to release the original shot online? How does one even do this?


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