The stars are aligned for Chan Chun Sing

If you’re wondering why you’ve been seeing so much of Chan Chun Sing on the news, it’s because the guy’s on a winning streak.

If Chan Chun Sing has a feng shui master he consults, we want the guy’s number. After all, 2015 has been nothing short of spectacular for the newly minted Labour Chief of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC). He’s been given key positions in cabinet and within the People’s Action Party (PAP), AND has won not one but TWO important elections.

Let’s play fortune teller and recap why it’s been Chan’s lucky year and predict how Singapore can benefit from his contributions in future.

As the anchor minister of Tanjong Pagar GRC, Chan Chun Sing won 77.71% of votes during Singapore’s General Elections in September. It was his first time running for elections.

Chan has mentioned that if one is consistent with his ground work, there will be no need to worry when it comes to election time.

NTUC National Delegates’ Conference 2015
At the closed-door elections at the NDC last week, Chan won a whooping 90% of votes to be re-elected as Secretary-General of the NTUC. An impressive feat considering he joined NTUC only in January this year and it being his first time time running for elections in the labour movement. We say the mandate is strong in this one.


New Appointments
He was made the Deputy Chairman of People’s Association, the Party Whip for the PAP and Chairman of the PAP HQ Executive Committee. Talk about triple, nay, quintuple-hatting.

If his stellar winning streak continues, he might even win the Presidential Elections if he runs for it.

So what can we expect from Chan Chun Sing moving forward? Resident fortune teller Jai Ho Luk Kee aka moi predicts…

PMEs and Younger Workers
Chan has acknowledged that the aspirations of PMEs and younger workers have changed. We foresee that he has plans for the unions to find solutions that will address their concerns. This probably includes implementing a progressive wage model and skills ladder across all industries, including “white collared” industries. As labour chief, he will also be looking to strenthen the Singapore core and NTUC’s membership.

Freelancers and Contract Workers
Chan also notes that more and more people are turning to contract and freelance work. We can expect to see new initiatives and efforts from the labour movement to help this group of workers.

Global Presence
Being the labour chief and one of Singapore’s representative in labour matters at the International Labour Organisation (ILO), Chan will be sure to maintain and strengthen Singapore’s brand of tripartism. Perhaps he will even share the formula to success, like what the Director-General of the ILO recently asked for.

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