Time to bid haze goodbye?

We’ve had clear skies for the past 5 days, fingers crossed that it stays that way.

All of us in the region have had enough of the haze, we’ve not been able to look up and see blue skies for a while now, and anytime an opportunity like that presents itself, we get a little skeptical. This might also have something to do with the wetter weather conditions we’ve had the past week. I’ve never welcomed the monsoon season more than I have now.


Partly because of the rain, conditions in Sumatra and Kalimantan have improved as well. The forest fires that have been burning for the past two months have been quelled quite a bit and the wet conditions are making it harder for the fire to keep raging. We’ve been in range of 51 – 100 on the PSI for the last five days, a very welcome respite.

Screenshot 2015-11-03 16.33.02

The local authorities however are not being too overly optimistic. As Indonesia are still going through their dry-season and they fear once the rain stops, the fires will kindle again. We’re hoping the rain doesn’t stop and that it rains for the next two years over the region so no more forest fires can be started, but that’s just wishful thinking on our part.


We’re all also waiting for Jusuf Kalla to say something ridiculous.


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