To all you ORD personnel – tough luck

NS pay packet increased by $80 across all ranks.

NSFs and NSmen rejoice, SAF, SPF and SCDF have decided to increase the allowances of all those still serving by $80.

Whether you’re a recruit scrubbing toilets or an officer watching recruits scrub toilets you’ll be getting $80 more a month. Now if only the recruit had more canteen breaks to spend this money.


This also means that Zouk will see an increase of spending from all these army boys in the near future since this pay scheme will be implemented on December 1st.

“The NS rank allowance, which supports our national servicemen in their basic personal upkeep, is reviewed periodically,” MINDEF said, adding that the allowance was last increased by S$60 in 2012.

It’s a good thing for every Singaporean son.


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