Why Singapore Won’t Last Till SG100


Upon celebrating our SG50 Jubilee year in 2015, 50 years of independence since we separated from Malaysia due to differences in ideology, there has been some push towards motivating Singaporeans to strive for SG100 and beyond.

However the big question is “How loyal are Singaporeans to their country?”, if their country cannot meet their expectations of standards of living, happiness and self-actualization.

It is common to hear complaints of train delays (or once in a while, breakdowns), why Singapore is the most expensive country in the world (for expats, but many don’t remember this), stress of study and work, and repression under a regime that “churns out robots” to “work till you die”, among many others.

We may have family or friends who want to migrate and take up citizenship in another country, or have planned for their children to do so. They reject many aspects of modern Singapore that they have benefited from.

Someone asked me this question, “Will today’s Singaporeans stay and strive on in the newly-independent Singapore of 1965? Where there are no MRTs, no world class education system, no HDB etc? Or will they quickly find another place to migrate to?”

He explained, “Because if today’s Singaporeans are not willing to contribute to a 1965 Singapore, there won’t be an SG100. The survival of a nation depends on how much its citizens contribute, not how much they take away.”

Do you think Singapore will survive till SG100 and beyond?

This article first appeared on Jules of Singapore.

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