Why Singaporeans rather give money

Singaporeans would rather part with their money than their time.

The World Giving Index, compiled by UK-based non-profit Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), showed that nearly six in 10 in Singapore gave money to charity in the month before when polled last year, but less than three in 10 volunteered at a charity, and about four in ten had helped a stranger. Based on these factors, the CAF ranked Singapore 34th on the index.

We’re behind neighbours Myanmar and Malaysia in the index but we did make a huge leap from 114th in 2012 and 64th in 2013. From the results we can tell that there is compassion in our hearts, but we’re perhaps too busy or too wanting to give up our lifestyle, we’d rather part with money and say “I hope this helps”.


Honestly, we all come across at least one person a day who looks like they’d be in need of a little help, the pregnant lady looking around the crowded train for a seat, the old man having trouble trying to get across the street maybe even a kid who can’t reach his pesky kendama that his older brother threw into a tree.

We do have many volunteer organisations, and all of them are staffed with a team that provides the necessary care or upkeep of their vocation. Is that perhaps why we don’t volunteer our services, because we feel like there are better hands out there than us? Maybe we’re just too caught up in the rat race, or perhaps we did all the volunteering when we were younger in schools.


However as statistics are proving, we’re heading in the right direction and we’re becoming more compassionate with each passing year with more people not just parting with their money but going out of their way to help.


It’s a good sign Singapore.


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