15 ISIL Rules On How & When To Rape Female Slaves

ISIL Female Slaves
ISIL Female Slaves
ISIL Female Slaves

For those who have been living in a shell of Candy Crush, MRT breakdowns and STOMP’s goondus, this is the reality of the world outside Singapore.

Syrian children refugees
Syrian children refugees

In Syria alone, more than 250,000 people have died and 11 million people have been displaced. Some may remember the wave of sympathy that followed after pictures of a drowned 3 year old Syrian toddler circulated online (his 5 year old brother and mother also drowned).

ISIL Laws on Rape of Female Slaves

In a recently publicised document, which the US government’s English version is attached above, the ISIL lays out 15 (there may be more but we could only get 1 page) rules on how and when to rape enslaved women.

To those who think ISIL (or ISIS as we refer to them in Singapore) is using Islam as an excuse to conquer the world, here is an alternative view which instead explains why ISIL is extremely Islamic, and will not pull out any stops to reach its goal.

It is not in our best interests to hide our heads when Singapore is perceived as the Israel of South East Asia, and pretend that ISIL is a problem too far away to care about.

This article was first published on Jules of Singapore.

  1. Why are we Israel of Singapore? Maybe Switzerland is a good comparison but Israel?

    We are mostly an Atheist or Agnostic country.
    The dominant religion is Buddhism.
    The majority are Chinese people.
    We are as safe as Japan if not safer.
    Our Economy is as strong as any other First World Nation.

    I don’t see why you should compare us to the Jees, or anyone for a matter of fact, in order to make a point that we should help the Syrians.

    The Syrians have a domestic dispute, and the only people that should really stay out of this whole issue are the Americans.

    Let the Russians and Chinese restore order and friendship with the Middle East.

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