9 Christmas Gifts Under $20

The end of the year is probably everyone’s favourite time of the year. Festivities bring about joy and laughter and also GIFTS. Let’s celebrate the gift of giving and look through some of these fun ideas of what to get our loved ones, or a colleague or maybe even your boss, all under $20.

Yep, you heard us right. We believe that gifts should not only be thoughtful but also practical (for your wallet). We’re not being stingy, just down-to-earth!

Here’s a list of gifts you can get without burning a hole right through your Xmas budget:

  1. Fancy Gem Biscuit Ring – SGD$15.90xmas1It’s nostalgic jewelry, everybody who grew up in Singapore knows this biscuit.
  2. Starbucks Xmas Mugs/Tumbler – SGD$15-$20 (depending on which collection)xmas2For that one friend that can’t settle for Kopi
  3. ‘Lay it on Me’ Smartphone Speaker – U.S$11 (before shipping)xmas3

    Made for apple and android. The ultimate techie gift for the person in your life that can’t get off their phone.

  4. Death Star Ice Sphere Mold – U.S$12.99
    xmas4It’s Star Wars season this Christmas, so why not the Death Star for all them fanboys.
  5. Fred & Friends Doomed Crystal Skull Shotglass – U.S$3.41xmas5The skull changes colour based on the colour of the liquid, if that doesn’t sell you we don’t know what will.
  6. Now&Then Peranakan Tiles Ceramic Mug – SGD$18.60xmas6Need a mug to match your kitchen tiles, then this one is it. Perfect for your friend that can actually settle for good old Kopi.
  7. 3-IN-1 Microfibre Mousepad – SGD$9.90xmas7For the patriot that plays way too much games.
  8. Yoga Mat – $13.90 available at Watsonsxmas8We all have that one friend that’s really into Yoga, or that one friend that is not into yoga but you want them to be into yoga, this one’s for them.
  9. Nerf Zombie Strike Doublestrike Blaster – $12.90 available at ToysRUsxmas9This isn’t just for the kids, perfect fun in the office actually.




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