The Return of Amos

Is Amos Yee the teenager under investigation for making an offensive religious remark?

On December 12th, the Singapore Police Force said that reports had been lodged against a youth in connection to offensive remarks. From what some believe, the teen in question is Amos Yee. The teenager himself has also claimed that he is indeed the one being investigated.


It wouldn’t be the first time, and it wouldn’t be a big shocker if he is indeed the teenager under investigation by the police for an offensive religious remark.


Amos’s post on his blog on 27th November referenced former nominated MP Calvin Cheng and Islam. The 17 year old also in a Facebook post claimed that the teenager in question is in fact him.

“Just because somebody is 17 years old and makes anti-religious remarks doesn’t mean it’s automatically me and linked to my anti-Islam comments. But yeah you’re right, it was me. I’m sorry I couldn’t resist.” 

Calvin Cheng’s post on Facebook was overboard and extreme in every sense, killing or culling children is never a sensible thing to say, especially from an adult such as him. And he provided the fodder for Amos to latch on to and attack.

However Amos has been known as an active online troll who misled reporters into a false meeting not too long ago. So until anything is confirmed nobody wants to draw a conclusive line.

The only thing we can gleam from this latest fracas is that the previous trauma Amos claimed affected him from his time in jail and IMH weren’t really that stressful or traumatic.

Remember this picture? Amos1

If this is acting, then boy can the kid act.

Would you be surprised if it actually turned out to be Amos Yee?

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