The Employers From Hell

Couple starves maid to a point of malnutrition.

The Singaporean couple are an affluent one, living in a condominium in town, working in cushy jobs, being able to afford luxuries. Despite all their refined accomplishments, the pair haven’t an ounce of humanity in them.

Lim Choon Hong and Chong Sui Foon provided only instant noodles and bread for their domestic helper, Madam Gawidan throughout her 15 months with them. The results of eating only that made her lose 20kg.


So despite being loaded, the couple refused to provide the maid with nourishment people would only be happy to get during an apocalypse. They reportedly watch her like hawks too, why they don’t go to work is a mystery.

They refuse to let her use the toilet in their apartment, and makes her use the toilets beside the swimming pool on the ground floor. She even has to be accompanied at all times. Even when they travelled to Hong Kong, they provided her with the same bread and instant noodles while they ate in restaurants. Other maids in and out of the country have even asked her why she was so skinny, and told her that her employers are mistreating her and that she should report it.


The maid was also not allowed off days, her phone or even access to her salary, breaching almost every single rule possible when hiring a maid. She made a brazen escape when she was instructed to clean near the elevators without supervision and ran out to call a town mate who fed her and took her to a home shelter.

Many believe that Lim and Chong deserve the exact same treatment as their maid had received and shouldn’t be let off with just a fine. Many are crying for the sentence to be stiffer and for punishment to reflect the ordeal that their maid received.


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