He Found Love In a Hopeless Place

vJustin Bieber caused sensation a few weeks ago when he asked his fans to track down a girl he fancied based on her looks. Obviously his army of Beliebers found the girl, Cindy Kimberly a 17 year old Spanish student and turned her into an overnight sensation.


How did she take it?

She hated it, and rightly so. His creepy attention gave her way too much unwanted attention from not just his fans but other male creepers as well. She’s only 17 mind you and she offers babysitting services to earn some side income while she carries on with her life as a student.

Closer to home we meet Alvin Cheng Yang, who came across a photo of a girl on a bus apparently sent to him by a friend. He posted these pictures online stating that it’s love at first sight and he wants to find and marry the girl, he’d even get the engagement rings ready.

Screenshot 2015-12-16 17.33.38


We’ll let you decide.

His post is going viral and there’ve been comments from some asking the girl to run as far away as possible.

And then there are some who condone his creeper actions.

Screenshot 2015-12-16 17.35.43

We’re just hoping this poor girl stays hidden from the trolls.


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