It’s Number 6 For Orchard Road

Another day, another fire.

It’s brimstone and fire in Orchard road. Okay perhaps it isn’t that dramatic but the signs are there, that’s six times this month there’s been an incident in Orchard road.


Perhaps the religious order would do a lot better praying for Orchard road instead of the MRT. But then again, it could just be coincidence, and human error. Sort of like quicksand where the more you panic and the more frantic you get the quicker you sink.


The fire this time took place in the carpark of Orchard Plaza. SCDF weren’t even needed to put out the fire as security guards had killed it off before they even arrived.


It was a minor incident with no one harmed, which is always a good sign. The only concerns are the frequency that mishaps like this take place.

We know Singapore is hot even during this festive season, and it sure isn’t a White Christmas but it’s turning out to be with all the ashes we’re accumulating.


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