Catch Me If You Can

Amos Yee evades police investigation, and taunts them on Social Media.

Amos Yee admitted that he was the teenager in question that made an offensive religious remark on his blog.

Both errant Facebook users are under investigation after police reports were made against the duo. However, to add to the drama, Amos failed to report to Jurong Police Station in the morning for questioning.

His Investigative Officer (IO) had issued a letter of summon for him to report to the police station in the morning of 14th December. He wasn’t placed on the wanted list and therefore was not prohibited from leaving the country. Having left the country, Amos then taunted the authorities by taking to social media yet again.

“I didn’t go for the police investigation this morning. I am a naughty, naughty boy.”


“So I think by now, several cunt reporters would have harassed my family, and the police would have raided my house, stolen my items (or as they like to call it ‘use it for their investigation’) and witnessed my grandmother’s bras.”

“But I’m sure you must have found out by now, I’m not there. Yup, Amos Yee is on the run from the law, which really shouldn’t happen shouldn’t it? A 17-year-old playing with our oh-so efficient singaporean police? Makes them seem rather vulnerable (which is probably why nobody from sph reported it; can’t have something embarrassing about our dog-lovers be revealed).

So warning fellow singaporeans, a dangerous criminal is on the loose. If you see me on streets and are a government dog, immediately kick me in the nuts, pin me on the ground and drag me to the nearest police station, bloody and soaking in tears.

And fellow policemen, who will win this game of mouse vs cats? Who knows? But either way, it’s terribly exhilarating isn’t it? Start employing your excessive number of troops, enjoy your longer work hours that I’m sure will not be worth that overtime pay, and catch me if you can, MOTHERF**K*R!!”


“To my dear family (especially sweet mother), try not to worry (yeah this overly-cliched line is redundant and completely doesn’t help), but wherever I am now (ooooo..), I am safe. Well… As safe as a boy who doesn’t know how to wash clothes, fold clothes, wash dishes, sweep the floor, mop the floor, put on bedsheets, fold clothes, cook, boil water can be. But remember dearies, I am a genius, so really, how hard can learning those things be? (I just cut my finger from trying to wash a knife)

Yeah I’m causing alot of emotional pain for my family. But really, what can I do? If that isn’t caused, how will I live the life that I want?

Most singaporeans, because they don’t want to worry their parents, throw their own unique views and ambitions to the dogs and live the life that not necessarily they, but their parents want for them.

But some people (me!), just aren’t willing to live their life based on other people (especially if they’re close-minded chinese pieces of shit), because it might be happy for them, but it certainly won’t be for me.

Am I going to be so arrogant as to say one life is better than the other? Naw, I don’t know your circumstances, and neither do you know mine. But I will at least say one thing, one life is definitely much more fun.”

Amos has left the country and failed to report for his questioning with his IO, taunting the police through Facebook and making quite a few outspoken remarks against ruling party PAP as well.

Is this yet more cry for attention from the teenager who looks like he’ll never learn anything from the time spent in jail or in IMH.


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