Marketing gone wrong

Rape jokes are distasteful, rape in marketing a little too off putting.

Black Friday, if you’ve not heard of it is a mega sale that became heavily popularised in the United States. There are crazy discounts for limited products and you often see long queues form almost a day before sometimes even more before the doors open for the sale.

Fights usually break out and its a mad rush for shoppers to get their hands on bargained items. There’s been criticism of the marketing event and people have said that its ruined thanksgiving, but a bargain is a bargain.

Digital shops aren’t missing out either, they’ve got Black Friday sales, pre sales and coupons to entice shoppers to spend. Deals are actually pretty good and mostly worthwhile.

But what one local shop did might have crossed the boundary of advertising a little. Banging on the fact that Black Friday is an orgy of sorts where humans pile on top of humans for a TV or a toaster, Singapore-based fashion retailer SuperGurl used the phrase “Rape us now” on its website on Monday (Nov 30), next to a photo of a girl in a suggestive pose.

Not a very wise move friends, this has backlash written all over it, and true enough it came.

rape1 Screenshot 2015-12-01 15.46.52More have commented on it but SuperGurl have officially taken down the banner and replaced it with this.

rape2A move that saw some applauding them for their responsibility and accepting their mistake instead of pushing the blame or looking for an excuse.
rape3Looks like it was disaster averted for SuperGurl, but boy did they learn a lesson in marketing.



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