More Orchard Misfortune

A fire broke out in Lucky Plaza adding to the list of mishaps in Orchard road this month.

Around 1pm today, a fire broke out in Lucky Plaza. The fire took place in the kitchen of Indonesian restaurant Warung Surabaya on the 2nd floor, and SCDF arrived at about 1.10pm to put the fire out.

Nobody was injured in the mishap, but damage to property from the fire and water damage in the efforts to quell the flames could lead up to thousands of dollars in repairs.


This is the 4th incident this month that took place in Orchard Road and the 3rd involving a fire. Orchard road sure does look like it’s fairly jinxed, we haven’t seen such a series of unfortunate events over such a short span of time, especially during the festive season.

To add a little more to the curse of Orchard road, we did a little digging and found out that Orchard road had it’s fair share of spooky history.

Orchard Road/Patterson Road junction area used to be a huge Teochew cemetery called Tai Shan Ting. It was owned by the Ngee Ann Kongsi. Ngee Ann City, one of the biggest developments in Orchard is owned by the Kongsi. The Kongsi is a charitable organisation with it’s headquarters in the Teochew Building at Tank Road.

Wisma Atria, Ngee Ann City, Meritus Mandarin and Cathay Cineliesure  were all built on the site of the cemetery. There’s another interesting tidbit about Ngee Ann City, it was said that despite it’s prime location in the heart of Orchard Road, it wasn’t very profitable, and to change it’s fortune, the Kongsi approached a Feng Shui master.

He advised them to demolish the old Ngee Ann City and build a new one resembling a Chinese gravestone. There’s always been urban legends that the building did look like a gravestone. With the 5 flagpoles representing joss sticks and the fountain to represent the wine offerings.


There’s also the myth of the Soong sisters mansion in Grange road. The mansion has been standing and boarded up for a long time. Nobody has claimed the property and it’s still privately owned.

There’s a story that there’s a spirit of a lady called Catherine who still roams the house after she committed suicide by setting herself on fire.
There are also voices of people talking and sounds of people playing in the compound. There’s even been claims of a shadowy figure that roams the halls of the mansion.


We’re pretty sure that these series of unfortunate events are just coincidence but Orchard road does have it’s fair share of jinxes, we’ll leave it to you to figure it out.



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