No new students for 7 Secondary Schools

There’ll be no intake of new students for 7 secondary schools next year.

Imagine turning for your first year in Secondary School next year, eager to get a new chapter of your life going. Most of us would’ve been excited to meet new friends, see how life is going to be different now that you’re entering your teenage years.


Imagine that and now know that for 7 schools, there’ll be no new intake of students. Why is that so? Hadn’t we planned everything it properly? Didn’t we take into account the amount of enrolments we had 6 years ago and knew how many new Secondary schools we needed?

Despite all that, it’s clear that we now have more seats in Secondary schools than we do have students.

Screenshot 2015-12-23 18.22.14

Due to the lack of demand for these 7 schools based on their location and a smaller graduating cohort, they’ll see no new cohort of students for 2016.

So what’s going to happen to these 7 schools?

MOE has suggested merger for some of them, however they still have existing students from Sec 2 to Sec 5. The merger would see that these schools would still be able to provide a wide range of educational programs and co-curricular activities.

Are these signs that we’ve got a real population shortage on our hands? Or just too many schools in neighbourhood areas?


About 38,600 students were posted to secondary schools based on merit and their choice in the 2015 posting exercise. Students will begin classes on Jan 4, 2016, MOE said.


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